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We value our clients' experience at the Animal Therapy Center. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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  • "My husband takes our Newfie, Nellie to her therapy appointments then send me the videos. we can't say enough about how wonderful your staff is and how much Nellie has gained strength in her leg since surgery. We feel very lucky to have found this facility and appreciate the attention to detail all of the staff gives to our sweet Nellie."
    Robin M.--Easton, PA-5/22/2018
  • "Piper always makes good progress under ATC care."
  • "I love everything about the center. Winnie is treated like a princess. Everyone is friendly. Winnie is improving after every visit. I am so happy with my decision to commit to this. I love everyone that I have met. Jamie treats our Winnie like a true princess. It’s like a day spa for my best friend and she is getting the care she deserves."
  • "The whole animal is taken into consideration not just the area of injury. The staff are all so caring and genuinely interested in the treatment."
  • "Very warm and helpful staff."
    Marie B.--Bangor, PA--5/17/2018
  • "This was Max's final visit. I can't thank the staff enough for the wonderful experience we had. We were treated well and they showed a genuine interest in getting Max back to his playful self."
  • "All of the staff is awesome! Especially Megan!"
    Annette W.--Fredricksburg, PA--5/12/2018
  • "The staff was very good working with Gia in the water tank. Gia does not like water. I was a little worried that she wouldn't do it. But the staff made her feel safe and she listened and did great in there. We were very pleased. The staff was great."
    Tom & Kim B.--Bethlehem, PA-5/11/2018
  • "I would like to thank Dr. Mayers for providing me with in-home exercises for my dog."
  • "Great staff, facility is always super clean. Technicians are professional, thorough and I feel like technicians and MDs love my dog!"
    Lynn L.--Milford, NJ--5/10/2018
  • "The doctor was very knowledgeable and really spent a lot of time with Cotton Candy, our dog. We did not feel rushed or unimportant. The thoroughness of the doctor, the relaxed pace of the exam and the wide variety of treatment options, suited to our canine was great!"
  • "The staff was very helpful and treated our pet very kindly. I liked that they explained everything very well. They are focused on helping her and getting her back to normal."
  • "Everyone was super nice and great with both my dog and kids."
  • "Great first experience! I can’t believe our Winnie is feeling better after her first laser therapy! Everyone was very nice!"
  • "Very friendly and helpful staff."
  • "I value the time the therapist takes massaging Sammy’s legs and stretching his legs while taking his water therapy. What I like most about the center and staff is the care and their genuine concern about my pet Sammy. So glad that The Therapy Center provides the services that help our beloved pets."
    Lynda N.--Bethlehem, PA--4/12/2018
  • "I liked that you're appointment time was actually kept. Maybe it's just the nature of the business, but I often seem to wait way beyond the actual appointment time at other places. Impressed with whole experience at you're facility. Meticulously clean also."
  • "The ATC is an outstanding resource for pet owners in the Lehigh Valley. The care and attention received by Judge at every single appointment is beyond anything I could of hoped for after his injury. If it was not for the ATC I believe Judge would have had to retire from the job he loves to do!"
    Lee L.--Easton, PA--3/29/2018
  • "Many thanks to Jamie for teaching my dog Brody how to swim! She has been wonderful, caring and, compassionate in aiding to his recovery after a spinal cord stroke! Many thanks to Jamie!"
    Nicole M.--Bethlehem, PA--3/21/2018
  • "I really liked the thoroughness and time that was spent on my dog and explaining to me in great detail what was wrong with her and what needed to be done to help her."
    Wanda H.--Macungie, PA--3/15/2018
  • "My dog continues to improve. The staff is extremely helpful."
  • "Thanks to Jamie and Ashley for staying late so Mikey could get the PT that he missed due to the storm last week."
    Carol D.--New Hope, PA--3/11/2018
  • "Great friendly staff. Clean offices. Very helpful therapy consultation. Looking forward to our sessions. Very friendly staff. Very knowledgeable staff."
    Chris & Rachelle N.--Easton, PA--3/5/2018
  • "Everyone is so kind and caring . They helped us get through a rough time."
    Cindy W.--Orefield,PA--3/3/2018
  • "Kind, caring, professional, intelligent vet and staff."
    Jim E.--Coopersburg, PA--3/1/2018
  • "Never having a cat have major surgery before, I wasn't quite sure what to expect with the whole experience. But I was overwhelmed by the kindness, compassion and attention shown to my cat and myself! From the minute we walked in the door until we left, we were made to feel so welcomed. I spent the entire day telling all my friends and co-workers about our visit! Thank you so much!"
    Bethanne H.--Whitehaven, PA--2/28/2018
  • "Very patient with Viking, especially when it comes to the arrival. The ladies give Viking (Gus) a lot of attention. He loves people."
  • "Doctor was pleasantly on time, the appointment didn't feel rushed and the staff were all very attentive and gentle with my dog. The treatment was outlined thoroughly. Attentive and willing to work with your schedule to make sure that the therapy is done appropriately and not rushed. Thorough outline of why they do things and what they look for, and how to measure improvements in my dog."
  • "Your therapy is working great with Caine. We are so happy to have found your services. Thanks for helping us take care of Caine. You are an excellent rehab program and your staff is great. Thanks again."
    Tanya W.--Auburn, PA--2/25/2018
  • ""I like that all employees are friendly and courteous. Also that I never had to wait for appointment.""
  • "The staff has been wonderful. Very helpful. Answers all of our questions. Does a great job with our dog Max."
  • "The staff was extremely kind, patient and attentive to my dog. Thank you!"
  • "Megan, Carly, and Dr. Mayers are excellent."
  • "Friendly, professional service. Didn’t have to wait. Thorough explanation and compassionate care for my dog."
  • "Susanne and I were very impressed with how caring they were with our Cody. It was fun for us to watch her go through the PT program with very gentle coaxing from your staff. Cody napped all the way home and responded very well to her first session. Thanks so much!"
    Susanne S.---Stewartsville,NJ---11/13/17
  • "Megan is great she really knows what she is doing and I believe her working with Chewy has made a big difference. He walks on all four legs when taken on walks now have been able to take a little bit longer walks. Still stubborn about using leg in house, I think we will get there. She also got him to use the leg while in the water treadmill so that is a good sign too. She gets a lot accomplished with him in our 20 minute time slot. She seems very concerned with the dog and is determined to get him using his leg more. She is great with him and I appreciate all she does."
    Julia F.---Phillipsburg, NJ---11/10/17
  • "As worrying pet owners we greatly appreciate the time and care given to our stubborn puppy. Dr Mayers and her staff identified the problem early on and we are now reaping the benefit of their insight and caring. Thank you"
    Anne & Eli B. Stroudsburg, PA---10/20/17
  • "The staff has genuine concern for our pet, even helped up plan something that would be affordable for us (he has a chronic issue which is costly) and still gives him the greatest benefit."
    Anonymous --10/16/17
  • "Always on time, no waiting, individualized attention, and support via phone and email from all staff including vet. Thanks for all your help with our boy "Hoss"!"
    Anonymous --10/13/17
  • "Very good with our dog. The center is clean and very well kept."
  • "The staff was very knowledgeable & helpful. My dog will be back to normal very soon because of the help he is receiving ."
    Mike E. -- Pocono Pine, PA 09/23/17
  • "Awesome staff and place! It is evident that everyone there really loves animals. The staff seem almost as excited about my pet's progress as I am. He really enjoys going there."
  • "Everyone is very nice and showed enthusiasm in their interactions with the animals."
  • "Zeus began his journey in June after his second herniated disc surgery. His hind legs were paralysed and he had a large pressure ulcer on his elbow which needed surgical intervention immediately. Zeus has been a patient here for two months and thanks to the staff and their programs,Zeus can walk and sniff and enjoy life again. We are happy for Zeus' recovery and are grateful this place exists. the staff and doctors are amazing. Zeus' current status demonstrates the excellent treatment provided at this facility."
    Lisel H. --Nazareth, PA--07/29/17
  • "I brought my dog in for an acupuncture treatment and have been seeing improvement. Thank you!"
    Terri K. Columbia, NJ--7/21/17
  • "Arrived to Megan waiting for Dakota with Birthday gifts :) So sweet!! He loves her so much"
    Christine W. Bethlehem, PA---7/17/17
  • "I feel confident that our dog Piper is improving due to the treatment at the ATC. The setting, friendly staff, and thorough explanation by doctor of my pets needs and progress is what I enjoy most."
    Ed D. Bethlehem, PA---7/14/17
  • "Professional, caring, dedicated staff that always works together for the benefit of the patient. There are no egos here!! A great place."
  • "Jaime was always very helpful. The staff treated my dog as if he was one of their own. The staff members are kind-hearted and knowledgeable and I was always impressed!"
    Brianna K. Easton, PA--6/28/17
  • "Very informative. Everyone was friendly. Zoe seemed comfortable by the end of the session. I'm very glad I decided to get PT as I feel it will greatly benefit Zoe. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Very pleasant atmosphere."
    Georgianne C. Bethlehem,PA---6/27/17
  • "The facility is wonderful and the staff is absolutely fantastic! My dog Blaise loves coming to Animal Therapy!! Blaise was assisted by Carly and she is always extremely attentive and caring to all of our needs and very pleasant to work with. Thank you"
    Nicole M.---6/18/17
  • "It was a wonderful first visit. Dr. Mayers was extremely thorough and I appreciated the time she spent with us."
  • "I like how everyone is so friendly and caring."
  • "Dr. Mayers is phenomenal. She is tremendously knowledgeable, thorough and compassionate, We greatly appreciated her very thorough exam, diagnosis and treatment plan. During the entire evaluation she was very aware and considerate of our dog's pain, personality and comfort level. She listened attentively to all our observations"
  • "The staff is very friendly, patient, and kind."
    Jill M. Bethlehem, PA--5/18/17
  • "The staff is truly wonderful! Jamie was great!"
  • "I've been bring my dog, Mollie, here for almost two years! Nothing makes her happier than her twice weekly swims with Carly, Megan, and Jamie! Excellent care, constant monitoring and professional staff! Not only is Doctor Mayers professional , but the support staff are always prepared and welcoming. This place is the best you can find for your dog!"
    Jan S. Bethlehem, PA---5/7/17
  • "The total care and compassion shown to our dog from the moment we walked in, to helping us carry him out to the car."
    Gwen L. & Kevin B. Wind Gap, PA--05/7/17
  • "My dog Blaise has arthritis and due to his treatments he's improved dramatically we both love the facility and the excellent staff"
    Nicole M.
  • "Fantastic! great staff, great vet, great facilities, more people should know about this pet rehab place."
    Rizlaz Z.
  • "Terrific caring and competent staff. I have been amazed to watch the positive impact of the custom rehab protocol on my sport dog. Many thanks!"
    Rick B.
  • "I can't say enough about how much I appreciate this facility. We started taking our 11 year old Border collie because he was so weak in his hind end that he had trouble standing more than a minute or so...he stopped following me around the yard, and no longer explored on his own. They started laser therapy on his joints and took him through certain exercises to gently strengthen him, plus taught us easy exercises for home. Within 3-4 weeks he returned to playing, going on longer walks, his interest in life returned, sniffing and exploring the yard and returned to his job of following me around. Every single person there, the receptionists, therapists, and physician showed respect and concern for our dog. The facility is clean and spacious. The professional services they offer should be made known to every pet owner. I recommend them without reservation."
    Diane F.--Allentown,PA---05/11/2016