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Lily is a Cavachon that was presented to the Animal Therapy Center with acute onset of hind limb paralysis. Over the course of 1 week and receiving laser therapy, underwater treadmill sessions and land exercises, Lily regained the function of her hind limbs.

Bonnie is a Golden Retriever who underwent a right cranial cruciate ligament repair and also has mild osteoarthritis of her hips. She comes to the Animal Therapy Center twice a week for laser treatments, strength building exercises, underwater treadmill sessions and pool swims. She has come a long way and works very hard for her peanut butter when she’s here!

Jake is a Border Collie who came to the ATC after an idiopathic vestibular disease episode. These types of episodes are very similar to experiencing vertigo. When Jake first started therapy he was unable to walk on his own. His owner's purchased him a Help Em Up Harness, which is designed specifically to create independent mobility for your pet. Today he is able to walk with no assistance!

Boojie came to the Animal Therapy Center after having back surgery on 2 intervertebral discs. At the time of Boojie's initial evaluation he was unable to stand unassisted and could not yet move his hind limbs. Boojie was sent home with an individualized home exercise plan and set up for in house therapy. With a combination of laser treatments, therapeutic land exercises, and hydrotherapy Boojie has shown great improvement, and is now able to stand and walk on his own!

Meet Benjamin! He came to us in after suffering from a probable fibrocartilaginous embolism (or FCE). An FCE is a blockage in a blood vessel in the spinal cord. When such a blockage occurs, an area of the spinal cord dies. The recommended treatment is to begin aggressive physical therapy. Benjamin came to us three times a week and began to show small signs of improvement. Then, one day, Benjamin came trotting through our doors! Since then, Benjamin has been unstoppable--just so long as Dad is right by his side! It's always a huge event when Benjamin walks in, as we all love to meet this handsome little fella right at the door.

Meet Bane! In July of 2015 Bane underwent a hemilaminectomy. The owners were unable to afford post-operative therapy and Bane remained paralyzed. They eventually relinquished him to Blue Chip Animal Farm Refuge. Blue Chip was able to raise funds and with the generosity of multiple supporters, Bane was able to get the much needed therapy he needed it. With in a few weeks Bane began to take steps and has even been able to walk on his own. He was even lucky enough to find the love of a new mom and new home! Bane was officially adopted months later from one of the first fosters to work with him!

Macallan first visited us at the ATC as a 7 month old 100lb. youngster who was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, a common orthopedic ailment in large breed dogs. The problem with hip dysplasia is that it can lead to premature arthritis and pain in the hind limbs which ultimately slows down our active companions. By starting therapy early, improving the strength and conditioning of his hind limbs, Mac has continued to grow (140lb. currently!) pain free which allows him to remain his goofy, playful self. Keep up the great work Mac!

Miles is a pitbull who developed a lameness on his right hind limb and was diagnosed with a cranial cruciate injury. Shortly after that, he jumped over a wall injuring his left cruciate as well. Miles started coming to us in December 2016 so that we could medically manage his condition without surgical intervention. He visits us once weekly for his laser treatments and land work.

Look at Spooky's amazing progress after just a month of rehabilitative therapy!

We first met Spooner when he was only 4 months old. He came to us with a probable brachial plexus injury. His injury was so severe that after a surgical consult, it was decided that the best course of action would be to amputate Spooner's limb. Thankfully, he had started therapy prior to his surgery (we sometimes call this "pre-hab) and his remaining limbs were strengthened. Because of this he has adjusted very well to his new life as a "tri-pawed". Spooner has been lovingly named a therapy dog because anytime someone is having a bad day, he's always there to cheer you up with lots of love and puppy kisses! Keep up the great work, Spooner!

Dora began her journey with ATC back in May of 2016. It was suspected that Dora had injured both cranial cruciate ligaments and her owners opted against surgical intervention due to concerns with her weight and age. Dr. Lisa Cawley referred Dora to the ATC for a consult. At that time, Dora had weighed in at 36 lbs, and over the past year Dora’s owners have been committed to her weight loss and therapy program. Check out her transformation!

Quinton, is a 12 yr old dachshund, who first visited us in January after being hospitalized for IVDD. At that time, Quinton was unable to use his hind legs. His owner elected to pursue medical management and Quinton began in house therapy of laser, land work, and underwater treadmill 3 times a week along with acupuncture and a home exercise program. Quinton responded well and began to first walk again in the underwater treadmill within 2 sessions. From there, Quinton continued to improve, and within one month, Quinton was walking independently.

Sophia is a 3 year old Boston Terrier who came to the Animal Therapy Center through Mostly Muttz Rescue. She was hit by a car in June of 2016 and suffered traumatic injuries to her back and right hip. Both injuries required major surgery to be repaired. After surgery Sophia was unable to walk using her back legs and her surgeons gave her a 1% chance of ever walking independently again. Mostly Muttz enrolled her in physical therapy at The Animal Therapy Center. With the help of dedicated foster parents, rescue workers, veterinarians, rehabilitation therapists, and the assistants at the ATC, Sophia is back on her feet with the love of her new parents in a new home! Her parents are so dedicated that they have even continued her therapy to keep her strong!