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Meet the staff at Animal Therapy Center!

Rehabilitation is a team effort at the Animal Therapy Center. While your pet will be evaluated by our veterinarian on your first visit, you can expect to spend time with one or more of our team members over the course of your pet’s treatment. All staff meets regularly to discuss cases and share ideas for improved treatment plans.

Elana Ortiz,
Therapy Staff

Elana has been a certified veterinary technician in Pennsylvania for over 5 years. She obtained her license in 2015, graduating from Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburgh, PA. After years of working in general practice, Elana developed an interest in pain management. 

It was the experience from assisting in orthopedic surgeries that revealed her first interest and appreciation for rehabilitative therapy. Elana believes medication is not the only option for pain management, thus leading her to Animal Therapy Center. In her spare time, Elana enjoys outdoor adventures with her sweet pit bull Lua, as well as painting and traveling.